Supply Chain Finance Has Taken Off...Are You Joining?

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“Supply Chain Finance” is an emerging discipline today in the SC world , we are bringing for the first time in the Middle East a two days course that is considered essential knowledge for both Senior Supply Chain Teams and Senior Finance Teams. Hosted by Mr.Steven Van Der a subject matter expert in the field.

The course brings essential knowledge to understand how Supply Chain Cash flow , Working Capital and Cash To Cash Cycle is affected and affect the Supply Chain in a todays complex work environments . The best part of this is that will use knowledge and gamification , the learners will be using a simulation based learning that will challenge them to run a company from a supply chain and financial point of view.

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CSCA Certified Supply Chain Analyst Starting 16th July Amman

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CSCA "Certified Supply Chain Analyst " is a great stepping stone to the world of Supply Chain Education , if you are entry level employee/Student/Fresh Graduate or welling to learn more about supply chain register at the 16th July class. Inquire at

Supply Chain Finance....Book Your Seat

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One Of Greatest Supply Chain Trends Today is Supply Chain Finance , For the first time in the middle east we are hosting great two days event with Subject Matter Expert "Mr. Steven Van Der".. Please inquire HERE 



CIPS Diploma In Procurement & Supply Amman July 28th , Join The Elite Procurement Education WorldWide

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The CIPS Diploma (Level 4) in Procurement and Supply is ideal for those who have previous business experience or qualifications in procurement, purchasing or supply chain operations. One Of Most recognized Procurement Education Worldwide.

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Think Logistics...Think APICS CLTD Class July 26th

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Update Your Logistics Knowledge , APICS CLTD is considered the NO.1 Logistics Education Today. Place your inquiry HERE 

Join CSCP...9th July Class is now open for regestraiton

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Get Your Self Introduced To The World No.1 Supply Chain Education
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APICS “Principles Of Demand Management” July 1st Amman-Jordan

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APICS “Principles Of Demand Management” Is Your Stepping Stone for a Supply Chain Career, Learn basic principles of Forecasting, Demand Management and Sales & Operations planning.

Upon Exam successful completion you get an APICS Certificate of completion. place your inquiry at

Great Supply Chain Education Coming Your Way After Ramadan July 2018 Calendar

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No matter where in Supply Chain you Work at , we have got your back with great education coming right after Ramadan . Click HERE to Inquire 


Boost Your Career with CSCA Starting 1st Julyl 2018

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An International Supply Chain Educaiton That Is Perfect For New Hires, Fresh Graaduates and Undergraduates.


Supply Chain Excellence Training….APICS SCOR Certification Training 28th June Bahrain Manama

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SCOR® Professional training drives measurable supply chain process improvement
through education, content and knowledge that provides an in–depth understanding
of the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR®) model, widely recognized as
the global standard for supply chain management Now in BAHRAIN 28th June

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